Brenda C. Scribner, M.D.  

Care Philosophy 
Dr. Scribner is a Psychiatrist well known for her no-nonsense approach in providing effective, efficient therapy for couples, families, and individuals. As a community service Dr. Scribner also offers free or sliding scale treatment for pregnant women or depressed mothers of young children if they are unable to obtain expedient treatment elsewhere.

Dr. Scribner believes in respectfully working with her clients, no matter where they are in their personal growth process. She believes that the relationship of every couple can improve, even if they do not decide to stay together. She also believes that anyone who does not get help to become the best person they can be, passes the consequences on to everyone around them, particularly to their children.

Office Locations 
Brenda C. Scribner, M.D., P.A.
Private Practice Location
10 S Hanson Street, Ste 5
Easton, Maryland  21601
(331) 223-9262 (cell, text)
(866) 266-4480 (FAX)

Dr. Scribner sees clients in this private practice office for individual, couples or family therapy, business consultation and/or medication evaluation and treatment. If you would like an appointment for help with relationships, depression, anxiety, parenting issues, family issues or other stressors, just call, email or text her for an appointment.

Corsica River Mental Health Services          or            For All Seasons, Inc.
Federalsburg, MD (410) 479-0511                                  Denton, MD (410) 822-1018
Dr. Scribner sees patients at these clinics who are also being treated by one of the clinic therapists. She does not schedule these appointments. To see her at one of these locations you must call 410-479-0511 or 410-822-1018 for an intake appointment, start treatment with a CRMHS or FAS therapist, and then you may be assigned for treatment with Dr. Scribner or one of the other prescribers. 




Addiction Treatment
Dr. Scribner is an area leader in education about uses and risks of benzodiazepines such as alprazolam, Ativan, clonazepam, diazepam, Klonopin, lorazepam, Valium, and Xanax.  Stopping these times of medications after long term use can be quite difficult even with a compassionate and skillful medical professional's assistance.

Business Consultations
Dr. Scribner has a business background in addition to her mental health training, and provides business consultations for those looking to improve their efficiency, handle work related relationship issues, or address financial issues.

Couples' Therapy 
Dr. Scribner bases the couple's therapy she provides on the integrity level of each partner (or parent) to help motivate each partner to step up and grow up around their areas of gridlock. Dr. Scribner has trained in France, Germany, Italy, Canada and the US with experts in the field of couples and individual psychotherapy. She only provides couple's therapy in her private practice in Easton.

Peri-Natal Mood Symptoms 
During and after pregnancy and delivery, hormonal changes can affect a woman's emotional state. When she feels more stressed or depressed the effect on her ability to connect with her newborn will cause the infant lifelong changes. A mother's emotional state affects the quality of her bond with her baby. Dr. Scribner offers evaluation and treatment for women who think they may have depression or a mood disorder during pregnancy or after childbirth. She will try to provide help as soon as possible to improve the infant's caretaker during this vulnerable time of a newborn's life. 

Personal Growth Therapy
Dr. Scribner provides life changing personal growth oriented therapy to individuals and/or couples. Anyone can improve how they treat others and change the way they are treated by others. Any effort spent on coming from the best in a person helps everyone who comes in contact with them  -  particularly the lives and futures of their children.

Insurance Information 
Clients pay at the time of service and are provided with statements monthly which they may file with their insurance company for reimbursement. (click on Insurance or FAQ to the left for details).